Pilot Plugins x Ableton Live Integration Guide

1. Install Pilot Plugins on your Mac, if you require a downlink link please visit our download site.

2. Open Ableton Live and locate Pilot Plugins from your plugins browser. If you are on Windows, then choose VST. Mac users can choose either the Audio Unit version (AU) or the VST version.

3. Drag Pilot Melody, Pilot Bass or Pilot Arpeggio to a MIDI channel. You can drop Pilot anywhere on the channel.

4. After you have entered your VIP code and activated Pilot, choose whether to use Captain Chords Epic or Pilot Plugins as the chord source.

If you wish to use Captain Chords Epic as the chord source, add Captain Chords Epic to the Ableton Live project prior to adding any of the Pilot Plugins instances.

Once you are happy with your created MIDI, drag the EXPORT MIDI region to the same Ableton Live channel, either to a Clip Slot, or by pressing Tab and dragging the MIDI clip to the same channel in the Arrangement view.

6. In Pilot, turn on Play From DAW. This means Ableton Live is now triggering the notes and Pilot is only outputting the sound.

7. If you prefer to work in audio, you can click-then-drag as an audio file to an audio channel inside Ableton Live from the RENDER AUDIO section.

Similar to MIDI, you can drag to either a Clip Slot or the Arrangement view.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Pilot Plugins are not showing in my Plugins list after installing.
  • The solution for this issue is different for Mac and Windows, please see below instructions for each platform.


      * AFTER installing the Pilot Plugins .pkg to your computer
      * Go to Ableton > Preferences > File/Folder
      * Check the boxes marked “Use Audio Units” AND “Use Plug-In-System Folders”
      * Then click the button above marked “Rescan Audio Units”
      * Close Ableton and re-open


      * AFTER installing the Pilot Plugins to your computer
      * Go to Ableton > Preferences > Plugins
      * Check the boxes marked “Use VST2 Plug-in Systems Folder”
      * Set folder path to C:\Program Files\VSTplugins (this is the default installation location for Pilot Plugins on Windows and should be used)
      * Then click “Rescan”
      * Close Ableton and re-open

  • I’ve added MIDI and/or audio from Pilot to my DAW but I can only hear the sound and notes coming from within the plugin.
  • After adding MIDI or audio to your DAW you must turn on the option within Pilot ‘Play From Plugin’.

  • Pressing ‘Regenerate’ does not always update the MIDI notes.
  • The ‘Regenerate’ feature is not available for all styles at present, but we will be adding it to more Styles soon.

  • Message showing that your internet connection may be down.
  • Ensure you are connected to a good quality internet connection, this is required while using Pilot Plugins. If you have an internet connection but the message remains, try disabling your antivirus and/or firewall temporarily to check if they are blocking the connection. If the issue is still present, try connecting to a cellular connection. Some routers have built-in firewalls that can block the connection, using a cellular connection will negate this blockage.

  • I have multiple instances of Captain Chords Epic in my project, how do I choose which instance Pilot uses?
  • You can set the Captain Chords Epic instance which will provide chord information to Pilot from within Pilot’s settings panel. The option is found within the ‘Connected To’ drop down menu.