Pilot Melody

Make amazing melodies for any music style.

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Pilot Bass

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Pilot Melody

Create amazing melodies using the styles inside Pilot Melody.

What is a Style?

On the left side, there is an option to choose the style of music you would like to make. Some styles are meant to be used for pop, some are for melodic techno and other musical genres and every style has its own unique control knobs. As you learn the different styles, you can use them in ways that they weren’t intended – like trying a pop melody over a house track, or using a melodic techno arpeggio over trap drums. The possibilities are almost endless.

New Mixed in Key

Loop Master 5000

New Mixed in Key

Star Dust

New Mixed in Key


New Mixed in Key


New Mixed in Key

Future Bounce

New Mixed in Key

Ibiza 7AM

New Mixed in Key


Customizable MIDI Canvas

ID3 Tags

Each time you rotate a knob, you’ll see different MIDI notes generated in the center preview section. If you want to see the results up close, click on the edit icon to expand for a more detailed view. Pilot Bass is fully MIDI editable on this detailed view, so you can add, delete and move notes to your liking using your mouse or trackpad.

Pre-Loaded With
Custom Synthesizers

250+ cutting-edge sounds for every genre

Neptune 106Bass

Ultra Arp Pluck

Big Room Lead

Vintage Analog

Alternation Bell


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