Plug in your favorite Pioneer DJ controller

Here at Mixed In Key, we're huge fans of Pioneer. We configured Flow to be plug-and-play compatible with Pioneer's DJ controllers. All you need is your computer and a USB cable, and Flow will automatically map to the buttons on your hardware controller. Just plug it in.

Here are the controllers that are supported by us. You can see mappings for Native Instruments controllers and Numark controllers as well.

  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ

    This is the flagship Pioneer controller. It works perfectly with Flow 8 Deck's four and eight deck modes - and we love mixing on it. Every knob and fader feels luxurious, and the "action" of the jogwheels is very smooth.

    View DDJ-SZ Mapping

  • Pioneer DDJ-SX

    This is Pioneer's flagship 4 deck controller. If you're looking to play in 4 deck mode most of the time, look no further - this is perfect. It's also compatible with 2 deck and 8 deck modes, so you can switch depending on your play style.

    View DDJ-SX Mapping

  • Pioneer DDJ-S1

    If you're used to playing on CDJs, this controller will feel very familiar. As with all Pioneer controllers, it supports all styles of Flow mixing.

    View DDJ-S1 Mapping

  • Pioneer DDJ-SR

    One of Pioneer's best-selling controllers based on what we saw. It's excellent all around.

    View DDJ-SR Mapping

  • Pioneer DDJ-SB

    One of the best-selling DJ controllers of all time. It's incredible how many units were sold, and how well-loved it is.

    View DDJ-SB Mapping

  • Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3

    A compact, easy to carry controller that fits into your laptop bag or backpack. It's one of my favorite light-weights and I am happy every time I play on it. Its small size is deceiving, it's capable of great things.

    View DDJ-WeGO3 Mapping

  • Pioneer DDJ-WeGO

    A previous generation of the compact DJ controller from Pioneer.

    View DDJ-WeGO Mapping

You can always map your own controller any way you like. Flow supports full MIDI mapping for every function. You can use any controller.

Flow costs just $58, and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. We stand behind our software. It's available for Windows and Mac, and you'll receive the download link right away: