I’m the founder of Mixed In Key.

I’m an American software designer and inventor who created Mixed In Key in 2006 (16 years ago), when I was fresh out of college. I love creating software, and it’s my biggest passion in life. 

My background is in computer science, and I’ve been a software developer since I was 12 years old. Since I started Mixed In Key, it’s been a pure joy to create software for the coolest musicians on Earth – I get a lot of inspiration from being in studios, watching how people work. The journey has been incredible. I’ve been in songwriting sessions with David Guetta, and seen how many of the world’s best producers make their music. The DJ industry has evolved so much since 2006 too. Our software changed how many people DJ, and it opened many doors for us to work with the best artists and DJs in the industry.

We’ve reached some pretty amazing milestones: Our software is used by the majority of the top producers and DJs in the world, we’ve filed more than 15 patents on our inventions, and created more than 20 software products for the music industry. It’s something that I plan to do until I get super old – it’s my favorite thing to do, and I love working with people who inspire me.

If you’re an artist or musician who loves our products, please reach out to our Artist Relations team (Jessy, Luke and me) at artists@mixedinkey.com and let us know about you.

Our software has gotten amazing quotes from artists. Thank you to them!

David Guetta

“Captain Chords can inspire you. It’s the perfect tool for song-writing. I’m using it every day and showing my friends. Captain Play is great for creating melodies”

LP Giobbi

“I live by Mixed In Key. I use it religiously and key everything so I know what key to jam on a piano on top of any song! It’s part of my performance.”


What do you like about Mixed In Key?


We make award-winning software
for Music Producers and DJs

Mixed In Key 10


Captain Plugins Epic


Mixed In Key “Studio Edition” VST


Mixed In Key Live


Please reach out to our Artist Relations team (artists@mixedinkey.com) so we can get to know you.

Thanks, Yakov