Isaac Sprintis

Hello, I am Isaac Sprintis. I’ve spent my professional life at the intersection of music and technology. My journey began at California Institute of the Arts, where I deepened my passion for music with a focus on guitar. Wanting to take things a step further, I advanced my studies at UCLA, honing in on film and television composition. My work can be found in a diverse array of projects, ranging from video games and films to a myriad of television productions.

Since 1998, I’ve also immersed myself in the world of technology, marrying it with my love for music. This collection of skills found its perfect home in 2019 when I joined the team at Mixed In Key. Since coming on board, I’ve been pivotal in the development and rollout of products like Captain Plugins Epic, Pilot Plugins, Mixed In Key Live, and the Mixed In Key Studio Edition.

If you are an artist or musician interested in our products, I invite you to reach out to our Artist Relations team at [email protected] . Your feedback and stories fuel our continuous quest for innovation.

Our software has gotten amazing quotes from artists. Thank you to them!

David Guetta

“Captain Chords can inspire you. It’s the perfect tool for song-writing. I’m using it every day and showing my friends. Captain Play is great for creating melodies”

LP Giobbi

“I live by Mixed In Key. I use it religiously and key everything so I know what key to jam on a piano on top of any song! It’s part of my performance.”


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Please reach out to our Artist Relations team ([email protected]) so we can get to know you.

Thanks, Isaac