Release Notes

ID3 Tags – Pilot Plugins (Windows)

Released on 1/17/23


  • Fixed a bug that where the source selection screen was presented on project reopen when already connected to Captain Chords

  • – Pilot Plugins (Mac)

    Released on 1/06/23

    Features & Improvements

  • Added a MIDIFX version of Pilot to the installer
  • Can now use left/right buttons on computer keyboard to adjust knob value on hover
  • Added ability to resize notes in MIDI editing panel
  • Left and right arrows now move selected notes horizontally
  • Added buttons for deleting and splitting chord slices
  • Added standalone mode to the connection dropdown in settings
  • Updated offline mode UI
  • When loading sound design view, now scrolling to selected item
  • Now drawing magic button chord strip
  • Added new colors for knob value view
  • Show knob value in value textfield instead of removing name during edit
  • Retry note fetching requests, and show offline screen when note fetching fails
  • Show instrument panel if play from daw is ON on launch
  • Opening sound panel now works in AU plugins

  • Fixes

  • Fixed issue with cmd-v not always working on the login screen
  • Do not cancel looping if tracked controller is nil
  • Fixed cursor setting in Pilot chord slices
  • Now recalculating selected index after clearing search field
  • Fixed Phase Plant logo overlapping creator name
  • Now closing all bottom controllers on deauthorize
  • Fixed adding the first note on an empty canvas, we now assume the empty canvas is centered around the middle C note
  • New Mixed in Key
    ID3 Tags – Pilot Plugins (Windows)

    Released on 12/15/22


  • – Implemented the ability to resize the Pilot UI

  • – Pilot Plugins (Windows)

    Released on 12/6/22


  • Added support for select all and duplicate functionality with ctrl-a and ctrl-d
  • Added support for manually resizing notes

  • Fixes

  • Fixed issues with midi edits not being saved in various scenarios
  • New Mixed in Key
    ID3 Tags – Pilot Plugins (Mac)

    Released on 12/1/22


  • Added VST3 versions of Pilot Plugins to the installer

  • – Pilot Plugins (Windows)

    Released on 11/30/22


  • Added the ability to edit midi using the large canvas that opens when clicking the pencil icon on the small canvas

  • Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening existing projects
  • New Mixed in Key


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