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The first suite of styles available for Pilot Plugins is Futurism Vol. 1. This suite of styles is perfect for genres like Melodic Techno, Future Rave, Melodic house and progressive house but is flexible enough to be used on so much more.

Lead Melody Example

Bassline Example

Arpeggio Example

What is a Style?

Styles help you generate MIDI for specific music genres. Each style can create countless variations of musical ideas. Custom knobs allows you to tailor them to your own liking.

Pilot Style Knobs

Styles Packs Sold Separately

Futurism Vol. 1 contains over 20 styles across three plugins; Pilot Melody, Pilot Bass and Pilot Arpeggio. Future style packs will feature other genres and contain additional plugins.

B1 Foundation


M1 Loop Master 5000

Loop Master 5000

A3 Texture


B3 Disco Bass

Disco Bass

M4 Andromeda


New Mixed in Key



Take a look at some of the screenshots from our Pilot Plugins

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Neptune 106Bass

Ultra Arp Pluck

Big Room Lead

Vintage Analog

Alternation Bell

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Get Pilot Plugins + Futurism Vol.1 Styles

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BUY NOW – 50% Off